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Navigating the Ram 1500 Air Suspension Class Action Lawsuit: An Informed Guide

Picture this: you’re cruising down the road in your Ram 1500, enjoying the smooth ride and confident handling. But what if your vehicle’s air suspension system suddenly malfunctions, leaving you stranded or worse, causing a safety hazard? This is the reality many Ram 1500 owners have faced, leading to a class action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

The Allegations at Hand

At the heart of the lawsuit lies the claim that the air suspension system in certain Ram 1500 models is defective, particularly in cold weather conditions. Owners allege that the system can malfunction, causing the vehicle to lose height, become unstable, or even collapse altogether. These issues pose significant safety concerns, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

The Scope of the Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit encompasses Ram 1500 trucks manufactured between 2013 and 2020, specifically those equipped with the 4-corner air suspension system. The lawsuit seeks compensation for owners who have experienced air suspension problems, as well as a recall of the affected vehicles.

Current Status of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit is currently ongoing, with no definitive resolution yet. The parties involved are engaged in negotiations, and it remains to be seen whether the case will go to trial or reach a settlement out of court.

What You Can Do as a Ram 1500 Owner

If you own a Ram 1500 with the 4-corner air suspension system, it’s crucial to stay informed about the lawsuit’s progress. You can follow the case’s development through legal news outlets and websites dedicated to class action lawsuits. Additionally, if you have experienced air suspension problems with your vehicle, it’s advisable to document the issues and keep any relevant records, such as repair receipts.


Which Ram 1500 models are affected by the lawsuit?

The lawsuit specifically targets Ram 1500 trucks manufactured between 2013 and 2020, equipped with the 4-corner air suspension system.

What are the symptoms of air suspension problems in Ram 1500s?

Symptoms may include the vehicle losing height, becoming unstable, or even collapsing altogether.

What should I do if I experience air suspension problems in my Ram 1500?

Document the issues, keep any relevant records, and contact a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

Is there a recall for the affected Ram 1500s?

As of now, there is no recall, but the lawsuit seeks to compel FCA to issue one.

How can I stay informed about the lawsuit’s progress?

Follow legal news outlets and websites dedicated to class action lawsuits.

What can I do to support the lawsuit?

If you are an affected Ram 1500 owner, you can contact the attorneys representing the class action lawsuit.


The Ram 1500 air suspension class action lawsuit highlights the importance of consumer protection and vehicle safety. As the case progresses, it’s essential for Ram 1500 owners to remain informed and take action if necessary.


  1. I am an owner of a 2017 1500 ram truck with 4 corner suspension system and have had numerous issues with the suspension. It is very dangerous to drive when all of a sudden I loose air in my suspension system.


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