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Lawyers in Van Nuys, California – Sofya Chudnovsky, Jesus Saucedo, and More

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Van Nuys, California, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about Sofya Chudnovsky, Jesus Saucedo, and more. You’ll also learn about the Los Angeles County Public Defender and Field sobriety tests. Sofya Dawson was admitted to the State Bar of California on December 2, 2008. She attended USC and minored in Law and Society. She then went on to earn her J.D. from Ventura College of Law with honors. Before entering the profession, she interned at the Van Nuys District Attorney’s office, working on murder cases. She also interned at Donahoe & Young, a law firm in Los Angeles, and speaks Russian and Armenian fluently.

Jesus Saucedo

Jesus Saucedo is a highly qualified attorney who is known for his compassion and dedication. He has handled many complex cases, including child custody, divorce, restraining orders, and special hearings in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He has also served in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to the Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom and 9/11. His background in law and legal studies have given him the necessary knowledge to successfully defend his clients and to ensure that they receive justice.

Jesus Saucedo graduated from the University of California – Santa Barbara and the University of West Los Angeles. His law practice is located in Calabasas, California. He is a member of the California bar and may belong to other bar associations. His office is located at 26565 West Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA.

Field sobriety tests

Field sobriety tests are often administered by police officers to make a case for a DUI arrest. Though not always reliable, they are commonly used by law enforcement agencies across the country. The most common tests include the one-leg stand, walk and turn, and Romberg Balance test. Other tests are not as standardized as these and are less accurate gauges of alcohol-induced impairment.

A DUI defense attorney is crucial for the best possible outcome. A criminal case requires a thorough investigation, and often the proof is not sufficient. Time is of the essence in Van Nuys courthouse. Judges do not often give prosecutors a lot of time to continue a case. A skilled attorney can drastically improve the outcome of your case.

If you fail to pass a field sobriety test, you should expect to face a jury trial. You may also have to endure arraignment and pretrial proceedings. Depending on the specifics of your case, the court may offer you a plea bargain. But beware: a plea bargain is usually not in your favor. An experienced DUI attorney can negotiate a plea bargain that will be more favorable to you.

Los Angeles County Public Defender

Los Angeles County Public Defender, Van Nuys District Attorney, and APD have teamed up to improve access to bail services for those facing criminal charges. In addition, these agencies have started monthly record-clearing clinics. These clinics give people facing a felony the chance to have their records cleared and their charges reduced. This service is free to those who qualify, and nearly 200,000 residents of LA County qualify for the services.

The Public Defender works closely with the District Attorney and the judges of the case, and they maintain effective public relations to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. They also meet regularly with community representatives, law enforcement officers, and staff attorneys on assigned cases. In addition, they have a comprehensive knowledge of Los Angeles criminal law and the criminal justice system.

In addition, the City Attorney’s Office handles misdemeanor crimes. This includes shoplifting and DUI cases, assault and battery, and violation of municipal code. Misdemeanors are punishable by up to one year in county jail. These cases are handled in the Van Nuys Courthouse.


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