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Qualifications for a Mendocino County District Attorney

The Mendocino County District Attorney’s office has an aggressive drug law enforcement strategy. The office works with a special unit of law enforcement dedicated to combating commercial drug activity. This program focuses on prosecuting offenses involving MDMA, controlled substances, and counterfeit goods. The emphasis is on sentencing, especially for those who plead guilty to drug crimes. The prosecution often argues for extremely lengthy prison sentences for drug makers.

Beth served 34 years as a district attorney in Mendocino County

In addition to her 34 years as a district attorney in Mendicino County, Beth Carrigan served as a mentor to younger prosecutors and hosted a series of post-work gatherings at Ukiah’s downtown watering holes. Beth served in the office for 34 years, managing nearly every type of case. She also regularly appeared in state Parole Board hearings, arguing against the release of inmates responsible for some of the County’s most horrific crimes.

Beth Faulder is the former assistant to the late Mendocino County District Attorney Norman Vroman, who died of a heart attack 47 days before the November general election. Faulder decided to run for the post after Vroman’s death but challenged the district attorney’s decision to call a special election. In the end, the state appeals court found in favor of Faulder and ordered the county to hold a new election, sealing the Nov. 7 results.

Qualifications for a district attorney

The job of the Mendocino County District Attorney involves a range of responsibilities, including the prosecution of public offenses and ensuring public safety. The position also requires high ethical standards. The district attorney serves as the public prosecutor for the county and the state of California. He or she also advises Grand Jury investigations and participates in programs designed to improve the administration of justice. Qualifications for a Mendocino county district attorney should be able to demonstrate the following skills and experiences.

If you’re passionate about ensuring public safety, the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office is an excellent career choice. This role involves performing a range of professional legal work, including preparing and prosecuting criminal misdemeanor cases. In addition to assisting the Department staff, the Deputy District Attorney II is also responsible for providing legal aid to the office. The main office is located in Ukiah, while the satellite branch is in Fort Bragg.

Role of the ADA Prosecutor

The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to the safety of the community through vigorous criminal prosecution. It upholds the highest ethical standards and works to ensure that the administration of justice meets the rights of everyone. The office serves as the public prosecutor for the state of California and conducts prosecutions of crimes that affect the public. The office also advises Grand Jury investigations and participates in programs to improve the administration of justice.

The Anti-Drug Abuse Program is responsible for prosecuting those who are involved in commercial marijuana cultivation. The office also prosecutes those who sell, manufacture, or traffic controlled substances, typically heroin. The office works closely with the Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force, a specially-trained unit of law enforcement officers dedicated to curbing commercial drug activity. In the case of manufacturers, the prosecution argues for heavy prison sentences.

Responsibilities of the Consumer Fraud and Economic Crimes Division

The Responsibilities of the Consumer Fraud and Economic Crimes Division include investigating, prosecuting, and educating consumers about consumer fraud. The division consists of a Deputy District Attorney, paralegal, and assigned DA Investigators. The division also specializes in investigating major embezzlement, identity theft, and environmental crimes. Further, the division focuses on employee embezzlement and welfare fraud.

The Consumer Fraud and Economic Crimes Division is led by Assistant Attorney General Jane Gregory. The Division includes 3.5 AAGs, 2 paralegals, four assistant complaint examiners, and 1 senior legal secretary. The division’s budget is modest and the staff is highly trained and highly dedicated. However, the division is an excellent example of efficiency and effectiveness. The division has no less than one-third of a million dollars annually in investigative and prosecution costs.

The FBI Criminal Investigation Team coordinates federal investigations and prosecutions involving organized crime organizations. The team investigates and prosecutes Eastern European/Russian, Asian, and Italian criminal organizations. They also handle matters involving outlaw motorcycle gangs and special circumstances. If a case is successful, the Task Force will provide evidence and testimony to assist the prosecution. These experts are available for expert testimony if needed.


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