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Assistant Attorney General Salary

The salary of an Assistant Attorney General is usually at or close to the average for the position in your state. For example, an Assistant Attorney General in New York should make around $113,080 per year. The highest paid Assistant Attorney Generals make over $175,000 annually, while the lowest paid earn less than half that amount.

Job description

The average Assistant Attorney General’s salary in the US is around $90,536 per year. This includes an average bonus of $7,396 per year, which represents approximately 8% of the total salary. Almost all employees receive bonuses each year. The highest-paid Assistant Attorney Generals earn over $175,000 per year, while the lowest-paid are paid less than $100,000.

The salary of an Assistant Attorney General will depend on his or her specialty. Those who specialize in environmental law, for instance, are responsible for developing programs to protect wildlife and the environment. As the leader of one of these divisions, the Assistant Attorney General will be in charge of shaping national policies. A typical day will include helping to develop and enforce environmental laws.

Education requirements

As an assistant attorney general, you will work under the attorney general to help resolve civil and criminal cases for the government. As such, you should have a thorough understanding of constitutional and criminal law. You will also need to be able to work closely with law enforcement agencies and crime victims. In addition, you’ll be in charge of various divisions of the United States Department of Justice, including the tax division, civil rights division, and antitrust division. As such, you will be responsible for coordinating workflow and evaluating performance.

The Office of the Attorney General is seeking attorneys with a variety of experience levels and backgrounds to fill its positions. This position provides a high level of public service and offers competitive salaries and benefits. While working in the office of the Attorney General, you will also perform a variety of legal services for the University of Virginia. The University of Virginia includes eleven schools in Charlottesville, an academic medical center, and the College at Wise in Southwest Virginia.

In addition to overseeing a large division, the Assistant Attorney General oversees the Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section, which investigates national drug trafficking organizations. The AAG also provides sound legal, strategic, and policy guidance. As such, the AAG is expected to be involved in complex legal proceedings and play a prominent role in the formulation of public policy and the prosecution of cases.


Assistant attorney generals are responsible for defending state officials and agencies in civil litigation. Their cases often involve complex civil or criminal law and can involve issues such as constitutional law and civil rights. They must be able to manage complex cases and work independently. They also work closely with law enforcement agencies and crime victims. An assistant attorney general may oversee a variety of divisions within the United States Department of Justice, including the civil rights division, the tax division, the antitrust division, and the office of justice.

As the head of one of these divisions, an Assistant Attorney General will help shape national policy and enforce the law. Their work will also include analyzing the effectiveness of various legal departments and reporting to the Deputy Attorney General or Associate Attorney General. In total, there are 12 judicial divisions in the federal government. Of those, seven focus on litigation and five on research.

In addition to overseeing the Department of Justice’s enforcement divisions, the Attorney General’s Office also has a special division that focuses on advancing the civil rights of all Americans. The Civil Rights Division enforces federal anti-discrimination laws. A Deputy Assistant Attorney General, working under the Attorney General, is responsible for assisting the General in general supervision of the Civil Rights Division, directing assigned Sections, and managing regulatory reform task forces.

Job location

Assistant Attorney General salaries can vary based on the state where you work. In the US, the average salary for an Assistant Attorney General is $90,536 a year. This salary includes an average bonus of $7,396 per year, which represents 8% of the overall salary. In the Bay Area, the average salary for an Assistant Attorney General is $133,692, which is 48% higher than the national average.

Assistant Attorney General salaries vary by state and by experience. However, in the state of New York, the average salary for an Assistant Attorney General is $26,780 per year. Other factors that determine salary are the location, skill level, and years of experience. For example, a high salary in New York may not be enough to make you a desirable candidate.

The Department of Law in Alaska is currently hiring for a full-time Assistant Attorney General position. This position will focus on legal services for the Department of Public Safety, representing the department in administrative proceedings and civil litigation. The job description also includes legal representation of the department in crime lab services, sex offender registration, and other matters. Additionally, the Assistant Attorney General will also help with legislation affecting public safety.


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