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BallotReady – Will Durham is Running For Walker County District Attorney

Will Durham is running for Walker County District Attorney. Before you vote, use BallotReady to learn more about him. You can also find out about his qualifications and compensation. Also, read about his qualifications and how the jury will be selected. This will help you make an informed decision on whom to vote for.

Will Durham

The Walker County District Attorney will not prosecute former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny, according to his office. Durham was appointed to lead the Walker County District Attorney’s office in 2013. Penny was arrested in a Tennessee resort town in 2013 and was indicted on felony charges of tampering with evidence and removing documents to impede an investigation.

Durham argues that the state failed to give proper notice of testimony before trial. However, the court in Wall v. State has held that USCR 31.1 and 31.3 do not apply to situations where the parties had previous difficulties with each other. Moreover, the court, in that case, affirmed Durham’s conviction on statutory rape counts.


Qualifications of a District Attorney include having a law degree and practicing in the state of Alabama. Moreover, a candidate should be a resident of the district for at least a year before the election. Furthermore, the applicant should not be over 70 years old. The salary range for a District Attorney varies from $1688 to $2145 per hour.

The District Attorney in Walker County is the highest ranking law officer in the state. He is responsible for prosecuting felony cases in Walker, Grimes, and Madison counties. He has been practicing law for 30 years and is renowned for his fairness and hard work. The office has six specially-trained prosecutors.


If you are looking for compensation for wrongful death, then you are in luck! The Walker County District Attorney has established a check unit that assists citizens and businesses in collecting restitution. What’s more, the service is free. As a result, it has been a tremendous success among businesses in the community. While other check collection companies have experienced some difficulty in this regard, the Check Unit has proven to be an effective solution.

The average salary of a Walker County District Attorney is $3,956,000. However, salary will vary by department, experience level, and skill set.

Jury selection procedures

The jury selection process is the first step in the process of deciding who will sit on a jury. Potential jurors are selected by a summons from a list. The names are randomly selected from a list of licensed drivers and persons who hold a current state identification card. Once selected, prospective jurors are sworn to truthfulness and will be questioned by the trial attorneys and judge. The purpose of these questions is not to embarrass jurors but to make sure that they are honest.

In addition to the standard questions, the attorneys may also choose to question the jurors individually. If the parties disagree on the order of questioning, the judge may rule on the objections. The attorney may ask the questions of the panel or individually, but he or she must identify the individual by seat number.

Victim assistance measures

Victim assistance measures are designed to help victims of crime get the help they need. Victim assistance measures include providing food cards and transportation vouchers. They also help maintain hiring records and regulations and help with law enforcement in the Walker area. Victims may contact the district attorney’s office for assistance or to report crimes.

Victim assistance measures are important and can help victims get the justice they deserve. Victims deserve dignity and respect and the right to receive compensation and restitution from their offender. Several innovative measures are being implemented by the district attorney’s office to help them.


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