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The Carroll County State’s Attorney Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for the efficient operation of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office. They establish policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality of criminal prosecutions. They also work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders to achieve these goals. In addition, team members serve on state and local boards and commissions. Read on to learn more about each of these individuals and what they do for Carroll County. Here are some of their accomplishments.

Haven Shoemaker

The race for Carroll County State’s Attorney is heating up. Democrat David Ellin is facing a challenge from Republican Haven Shoemaker. Both candidates are lawyers and have different plans for the position. Haven Shoemaker has a long history of practicing criminal law and Ellin has spent most of his career practicing personal injury law. But the two are not the only candidates with contrasting backgrounds. Both are highly qualified and experienced.

Brian Culver, who served as Carroll County State’s Attorney for over two decades, is retiring this year. The seat was opened by Gov. Larry Hogan in July after he was appointed to the bench. After all the drama, DeLeonardo is not running for the state’s attorney position. That leaves Shoemaker, a former assistant state’s attorney, as the candidate for Carroll County State’s Attorney.

David Ellin

David Ellin, the candidate for Carroll County State’s Attorney, is a progressive prosecutor who wants to make the county a safer place for its residents. He has pledged to be more involved in the community and work with police to reduce crime and promote family values. He also wants to establish a veterans court, improve drug treatment, and advocate for better education for children. If elected, he will continue the work that has been done by his predecessor, Brian DeLeonardo.

David Ellin is the Republican Party’s nominee for State’s Attorney in Carroll County. He is a former delegate and county commissioner who has been practicing criminal law for over three decades. He has also filed an ethics complaint. The race will be decided in the primary. In addition to campaigning for office, both candidates maintain private law practices in their respective communities. As a result, the election will likely come down to politics and the types of law practiced.

Allen Culver

Allan Culver, Carroll County State’s attorney, is running for a second term after serving in that position for 20 years. Culver was appointed to the position by the governor in July. He is facing off against former State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo, who was appointed to the bench. DeLeonardo is not running for a third term in the office. Haven Shoemaker, an attorney, is running against Ellin on the Republican Party ticket. Sheriff DeWees is running for his third term and is also running for a second term.

The plaintiff asserted that the defendants were guilty of racial discrimination in their actions. The Carroll County SAO refused to prosecute defendants Jeskey and Schwartz for assaulting him. In addition, the plaintiff claimed that he was wrongfully arrested for driving on a suspended license. His charges were dropped after Child Support Enforcement reinstated his license. The plaintiff also asserted that he was harassed by the state as a result of his outspokenness.

Brian L. DeLeon

Previously serving as an associate judge of the Carroll County Circuit Court, Brian L. DeLeon has served the community for over 10 years. Before becoming the State’s Attorney in Carroll County, he worked as a private attorney. He handled criminal and civil cases and helped clients in the Carroll County area resolve disputes. He also served as an adjunct attorney with the Maryland State Bar Association and as an assistant state’s attorney in Carroll County.

Previously, DeLeon served on the Carroll County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council and as the chair of the Governor’s Council on Gangs and Violent Criminal Networks. He was also an active member of the Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon Chamber of Commerce and the Carroll County Rape Crisis Intervention Services. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Carroll County Youth Service Bureau.

Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in Carroll County recently faced a scandal when a sheriff’s deputy made false statements in an affidavit used to obtain a search warrant. A state trooper gave the deputy phony information about a drug stash house. The deputy was arrested and briefly suspended from police duties in March. The office is now investigating the scandal and evaluating the results.

The state attorney’s office is the county’s chief law enforcement agency. They prosecute all criminal cases, from traffic violations to murder. They work closely with law enforcement agencies and the community to ensure the highest quality criminal prosecutions possible. The executive team members serve on statewide commissions and boards and are a key component of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office.


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